How to Grow Sago Palms from Pups?


To grow sago palms from pups, lift the pup by hand. Most will go off easily, while others will need a hand gardening tool. Cut off the leaves and roots of the pup and place the pup in a bucket of water for a week. Fill a pot with half moss and half perlite. Dampen the soil and push the pup down the pot.
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1. Try to lift the pup from the parent plant. Some pups will easily come off by hand, but others may require hand tools for removal. 2. Cut off any leaves on the pups and any roots
Sago palms aren't palm trees at all—these attractive, low-growing plants are actually cycads. These plants are extremely slow-growing and will often put out only one new frond
The trunks of the sage palm can grow to be 20 feet tall, and the leaves grow to
Sago Palm are not trees, although they can grow enough to resemble a tree. The old leaves die off and you trim them out. The stalk eventually starts to look like a trunk. They make
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How to Grow Sago Palms From Pups
Sago palm (Cycas revolute) is commonly called funeral palm or Japanese sago palm, but sago's are not in fact palms at all. These plants look like palms but are actually part of the Cycadaceae family. You can multiply sago palm trees through separating... More »
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Remove the pups from the mother plant by gently snapping them away or if this does not work, you can use a sharp knife to remove them. Remove all leaves and any roots they may have already formed and set them in a warm, dry, and dark place for a few day to allow the fresh cut to harden over. Create a potting soil mixture consisting of three equal parts sand, peat moss, and perlite. Using pots which have drainage holes, fill to just below the top with the mixture, and dig a hole deep enough for the lower half of the plant to fit inside. Using more of the mix lightly pack the plant in place and water well. When the water begins flowing out of the drain holes, stop. Place your pups in strong sunlight and keep them at 70F or higher.
Pups are shoots, which the sago palms produce and the pups are often used for new plants. To grow sago palms from pups, pick the pups and prepare them for storage so that they can harden off. Important elements for growing sago palms from pups include matching the size of the pups to a big enough pot and giving the pups the right amounts of water. You can find more information at
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