How to Grow Star Fruit from Seed?


Carambolas do best in a frost-free location. They are tolerant of wind except for those that are hot and dry. The tree needs full sun. The carambola is not too particular as to soil, but will grow faster and bear more heavily in rich loam. It prefers a moderately acid soil (pH 5.5 - 6.5) and is sensitive to waterlogging. The plant often becomes chlorotic in alkaline soils.
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1. Fill your terracotta flood tray with river stones. Fill the tray with enough water to just cover the stones and place the flower pot on top. This creates a moist, humid atmosphere
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Strawberries are the only fruit that grow their seeds on the outside.
The seeds grow into a plant, the plant grows flowers, the flowers are fertilized, and the fruit grow. Most of the time, some type of seed will reside within a fruit, an animal will
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How to Grow a Star Fruit From Seed
Starfruit, or carambola trees, get their name from the shape of their fruit. Whole fruits are oval and pale yellow with five pointed lobes running vertically down the fruit. If you cut the fruit widthwise, each slice looks like a star. This makes the... More »
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The only fruit that has seeds growing on its outside are strawberries. All other fruits - apples, peaches, blackberries, etc. - contain their seeds on the inside ...
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