How do you grow wax worms?


If you are wanting to learn how to grow wax worms yourself at home, the first step is to purchase a set of starter worms. Next, get a large plastic bucket and a mesh screen to cover the top. Proceed by preparing the worm food and sprinkling it into the bottom of the bucket. Add the worms and a small amount of crumpled wax paper, then place the mesh lid on the bucket. Soon your wax worms will begin to grow right before your eyes.
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1. Mix the baby food, honey and vegetable glycerine together until they form a crumbly mix. It should hold a ball when squeezed, but crumble easily. 2. Add the mixture to a gallon
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1 Build a worm bed. Building a bed to raise earthworms enables you to keep the soil in which you raise the worms contained. You have a choice of several materials to make your bed
A 36 pc. package of Uncle John wax worms can be purchased for as little as $3.29! ChaCha on!
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How to Grow Wax Worms
Wax worms are sold at pet stores and bait shops, but they can be expensive and hard to find at times. "Waxies," as they are often called, are a favorite treat of many insect-eating pets, and they also make excellent ice-fishing bait. Wax worms are the... More »
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Two containers are needed to raise wax worms. One is used for mating and egg lying; the other is used to raise the larvae. Glass containers work the best. A ventilated lid will also be needed to allow for air to circulate. Make sure clean, sterilized containers are used to avoid disease and bacteria. Wax worms can be purchased from bait companies or biological supply houses. They can also be found in infested bee hives. The worms will survive best in a dark warm area. They can be fed either dry dog food mixed with water and honey or baby cereal mixed with honey and water. The mixtures should be soft but not sticky. These worms can then be used for bait or for studying.
Wax worms are an exotic pet to grow and are mainly used for live food. To grow them yourself you will have to have a few on hand that you have either purchased at a store or by digging them up. Get a container ready that they can not escape out of. A 5gallon tank with a lid usually works well. Make some kind of substrate for them. You can use bran and honey, or purchase some already made at a local pet store. The wax worm will start making cocoons for about 14 days and then will become a moth. They will then mate and produce eggs to turn into wax worms and the process repeats itself. You will then have your own little wax worm farm! You can find more info at:
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