How to Handle An Undermining Employee?


The best way to handle undermining employees is to make sure you do not become one of them. It is hard to focus on work, with others are using so much energy to make you look bad. If it gets really bad, then you can talk with the manager first and that does not give you any results, then speak with the next inline. Most companies have a chain of command in affect, just make sure you follow. When employees act this way it is because they know they are not doing their best and they are jealous of your job performance. Do not allow them to make your life miserable.
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To handle a difficult employee just fire them. Oh you mean if you keep them. Then you will need to have patience yourself and train them or teach them right. This may take some time
1. Avoid direct confrontation with this person unless absolutely necessary. Most people who take time out of their day to undermine someone else have little effect on other people's
1. Set-up a formal complaint system. If you are a publicly-traded company, you have to have a phone hotline in place for people to report fraud or corruption. Offer employees the
Zappos places an emphasis on benefits and culture over salary. Salaries are competitive (or, as Dan Pink would say, high enough to make the issue irrelevant), but not industry leading
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