How to Hang a Birdhouse?


There are many ways to hang a birdhouse. One can hang a birdhouse using a hanging pole of some type. One can also hang a birdhouse in a tree using wire or sturdy rope.
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1. Unroll a foot or two of wire without cutting it from the roll. Locate the hanging loop located at the top of the birdhouse and slip 4 inches of the 16-gauge wire through it. 2.
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1. Dismount the birdhouse from its perch. Use a straight or step ladder if necessary to reach the birdhouse and remove it from its mount, using the claw end of a hammer or a screwdriver
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How to Hang a Birdhouse
It feels great to watch the progress of a bird building its nest in a birdhouse you hung in your yard. You listen, waiting to hear the tiny chirps of newborn chicks. And you continue to watch the birdhouse, hoping to spy a tiny bird ready to take its... More »
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