How to Hang a Birdhouse?


There are many ways to hang a birdhouse. One can hang a birdhouse using a hanging pole of some type. One can also hang a birdhouse in a tree using wire or sturdy rope.
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1. Hang the birdhouse from a tree trunk during the month of February if you live in the Southern states, according to the Cornell University website. In the Northern states, hang
1. Clean an empty coffee can. Tape the cut edges with duct tape to prevent the birds from injuring themselves. 2. Find a sturdy wood structure, such as the side of a tree, window
1. Clean the old boot to be used in the birdhouse project with dish soap to remove dirt and grime. Allow the boot to dry thoroughly. Completing this step the night prior to starting
1. Cut a six by six inch piece of wood for the floor. Cut out back and front pieces that are six inches high. Cut out the right and left side pieces. The side pieces should also be
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How to Hang a Birdhouse
It feels great to watch the progress of a bird building its nest in a birdhouse you hung in your yard. You listen, waiting to hear the tiny chirps of newborn chicks. And you continue to watch the birdhouse, hoping to spy a tiny bird ready to take its... More »
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