How to Hang a Blanket on a Wall?


There are many ways to hang a blanket on a wall. You can try clips, hangers, tacks or even a curtain rod and hang it like you would a curtain. What method you chose to hang it will depend on the kind of blanket you have so that it doesn't get ruined.
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How to Hang a Blanket on a Wall
Properly hanging a blanket on a wall can lead to years of visual enjoyment in a home. Not all blankets are created equal. The warm and comforting cover laying on your bed is a far cry from the handcrafted blanket given as a gift from a friend. This... More »
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1. Measure the width of the blanket. Measure across the edge which is determined to be the top, or the end desired to be the top when hung. 2. Cut a piece of plywood for the project
There are these things called Magnetacks that may hang up the blanket on the wall. Depending on the weight of the blanket it may take a few Magnetacks strung across the top to get
Velcro would be the way to go. You will have to stick the other piece to the wall, but Goof Off or Goo Gone will remove all the glue residue. You can sew the other piece to the sheet
A Wall Mount assembly is required to mount LCD on wall. You need to purchase it if not available with TV. It is drilled and fixed on Wall and TV is hanged.
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1. Measure the width of the blanket. 2. Install a curtain rod, wooden dowel or hooks on the wall that are the same width or slightly wider than the blanket. 3. ...
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