How to Hang a Dartboard?


The center (bullseye) of the board needs to be 5' 8" from the floor and the line should be 7' 9.25" from the face of the board measured horizontally.
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How to Hang a Dartboard
A dartboard doesn't do anybody any good if it isn't attached to a wall properly. Install your dart board the correct way with help from a dart expert in this free video.... More »
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1. Measure from the floor up to the place in the cabinet that would be ideal for hanging a dartboard. The center of the cabinet where the dartboard will be hung should be 5 feet 8
1. Think of all the places that your dartboard could be. Your bedroom, the garage, the basement, or even the kitchen. 2. Hang a cork board where you want the dartboard. 3. When you
5' 8' from the bull's eye to the floor.
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To hang a dartboard you will need a nail and a hammer. Pound the nail into the appropriate level on the wall and hang the dartboard on it using the small hook ...
Hanging a dartboard is not a easy as a grabbing a hammer and getting to work. As any serious dart enthusiast will share with you, the position of the board is ...
When putting up a dartboard, look for a spacious place and fix it on a flat wall. The proper hanging height should be exactly 5ft 8' from the middle of the bull's ...
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