How to Hang a Flag on a Wall?


Some flags, such as the U.S. flag, can either be hung vertically or horizontally. When hanging the U.S. flag on a wall, whether vertically or horizontally, the stars should appear in the upper left corner.
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1. Assess the condition of your flag. If it is torn, dirty or otherwise tattered it should be retired instead of displayed (unless it is an official antique in which case, it should
US flag can be hung horizontally or vertically w/ stars on the top
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How to Hang a Flag on a Wall
The stars and stripes have been a time-honored representative of the United States for centuries and should always be treated with the utmost respect and care. There are specific rules for the flag, from cleaning to folding it. Many feel that they show... More »
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Find the place on the wall in which you want the flag hung and you can take thumb tacks put it in one corner and then the second. Put a tack in each of the four corners.
Flags are typically hung onto walls by tacking them into palce using wall tacks. They may also be placed into scrolls and then nailed onto walls as well. These are known as wall scrolls when flags are placed onto scrolls then hung in this manner.
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