How to Hang a Jersey in a Shadow Box?


Hanging a sports jersey in a shadow box is really an easy task. You'll need to purchase a shadow box and some pins, if you don't already have these things. Pin the jersey to the backing of the box with the side you want to show facing upward. You should sew the jersey to the backing and then close the box and hang in a place where your jersey can be admired.
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1. A self-healing cutting mat is safest when using a sharp knife. Cut the mat board to fit inside the shadow box. To do this, carefully measure the opening of the shadow box, and
You can try using a jersey hanger for shadow box. You don't really want to put holes on the jersey you are hanging. Here's a site for where you can get one, and to see what it looks
Pin the jersey to the shadow box backing, making sure that the jersey lays flat, and that it does not bulge up. Use a Stitch Witch glue. Sew the jersey More?
shadow box is a great way to display a small piece of artwork or a small picture. Shadow boxes are also popular for framing pressed flowers and sometimes even insects. Building a
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1. Decide where you would like to hang the shadow box shelf. It's best to hang the shelf onto a stud for extra security. Knock on the wall to find the stud. A ...
1. Determine which facing of your jersey you want showing. Typically, if there is a name and number on the back, this is the side you would want. 2. Pin the jersey ...
To build a shadow box for a jersey you will need to make sure it is at least 2 inches bigger than the jersey laid out. Make sure that the felt if any behind the ...
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