How to Hang a Large Bathroom Mirror?


Learning how to hand a large bathroom mirror can seems a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. The first step in hanging the mirror is to measure the area and mark where you would like the mirror to hang. Once you have marked the mirror placement, you can begin installing your brackets and hardware. Be sure to test your bracket by giving it a firm tug before hanging the mirror up on the wall.
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1. Weigh the mirror by stepping on a bathroom scale, recording your weight and then stepping onto the scale while holding the mirror. The difference in weights is the weight of the
Perhaps your family is growing and you've added a new bathroom to your home. Now you want to hang a bathroom mirror. The good news is that you can hang a bathroom mirror in a very
That's a matter of personal preference and the style of the lighting. You CAN get bathroom lights that are attached to the sides of the mirror, but generally they go to the top edge
1 Protect the sink area. Lay down cardboard or plastic on any surface surrounding the mirror. Ad 2 Cover the mirror with duct tape. The duct tape will limit the amount of glass that
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How to Hang a Large Bathroom Mirror
A large bathroom mirror is a useful and decorative focal point. A large mirror's weight is the most important factor to consider when hanging it. Inadequate weight-bearing hardware can fail, causing the mirror to fall, possibly injuring someone and... More »
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