How to Hang Posters?


You can use thumbtacks, blue sticky putty, or adhesive strips to hang up posters. It is a good idea to clean the area that you want to put the poster if you are using adhesive, use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or paper towel to do this. Use a T square or ruler to mark where you want the corners of the poster to go, marking with a pencil. Add the adhesive tape or sticky putty to the corners and then hang. If using thumb tacks, line the poster with the pencil marks and tack the poster up, top corners first and then the bottom corners.
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1. Place the end of your measuring tape on the floor and make a small pencil mark on the wall 60 inches above the floor. 2. Measure the height of your poster frame, and divide that
1 Cut the card board to the size of the poster. Ad 2 Place the poster on the cardboard. 3 Cut 4 pieces of tape with scissor. 4 Take one piece of tape and place it on one corner of
A mounted poster is a laminated poster glued on a fiberboard. It makes an elegant home decor without having to break one’s wallet that is why more and more people are starting
You can hang posters without damaging them by going to your local craft store etc. and purchasing the blue adhesive putty tape. This allows you to stick on the back of your posters
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The Best Ways to Hang Posters
When you order a poster online or buy one at a local store, you might not immediately think about how and where you will hang the poster. Of course, you can just stick four tacks in each corner of the poster, but if you want a more attractive, clean and... More »
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Spread the poster across the wall and place a thumbtack in each corner. For a smoother finish, use double sided tape instead. You can also purchase a frame for each poster and hang them using a nail.
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