How to Hang Scarf Curtains?


To hand scarf curtains, the window's width is to be measured. A curtain rod should be installed by using the hardware, which is included with the window's rod. A scarf should be hung over the curtain rod.
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1. Measure the width of the window, and decide how you want to cover it with the scarf or scarves. Purchase one or more scarves to use to hang as curtains, making sure that the scarves
1. Place the curtain that you want to hang over the arched doorway onto the curtain rod. Hold the rod and top of the curtain against the wall above the arch. Raise or lower the curtain
1. Measure the horizontal opening of your window, inside the frame, to see what size tension rod you need. Most tension rods adjust to fit a range of window sizes, so you will only
1. Set up a step ladder in front of the window you are hanging the curtain rod over. Position the ladder at the left edge of the window, so you can measure for the curtain rod brackets
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How to Hang Scarf Curtains
When you are looking for quick and easy window treatments that do not require sewing, pre-made scarves are an ideal fabric to use. Using scarves to decorate windows is simple because the edges of the scarves already have hems. Additionally, scarves often... More »
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