How to Hang the Flag?


There is really alot of American flag etiquette and here are just a few points for hanging it outside. It always should be above any other flag on the pole. Near a building, the stars should hang away from the building. AN upside down flag is a ditress signal.
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If hung inside a building, it should be directly across from the main entry. Hung with another flag, it should be above the other flag. Hung on a speaker's platform, hang it to the
1. Purchase a garden flag and a garden flag post. You can find these items online, at specialty boutique stores and at home construction stores. You also can custom design them online
The American flag should be hung with the star at the top. If the flag is hung upside down that is a sign of distress. When draped over a Coffin the stars should be at the head -
The Flag is hung to show that we care about our country and the soldiers that give their lifes to us and the U.S. That's why we hang the flag.
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There is a correct way to hang the American flag. To see the rules and regulations to hang a flag go to ...
In the United States there are guidelines for how to hang a flag on the flagpole, that is if it is an American flag, and I'm going to assume this time that it ...
1. Position the flagpole bracket over the porch post or outside wall where you want to hang the flag. Mark the mounting holes on the wall or post with a pencil ...
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