How can I have a baby in The Sims 2 on PS2?


To have a baby in the Sims 2 PS2 game, you first need to start a romantic relationship with another Sim of the opposite sex. Raise your romance points and continue seeing his/her romantic interest periodically and if your points are high enough, the Sims become boyfriend and girlfriend. Finally, go to your bedroom and your partner will follow then relax in the bed. If your points are adequately high you will try for a baby. When you succeed, the female Sim will give birth after four or five days.
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you can not get pregnant or have babies.
I have the sims 2 on playstation2 and I have tried many time to have a baby. But on this game you cant have kids. I think that was really stupid for maxis to do that. But you cant
1 If you're at your house at the moment, you should go to the town square . You just have to walk down that sidewalk in front of your house, then you see a arrow. 2 As soon as you
1. Designate a Sims character to have "master" status with the dog or cat you intend to breed. Establish your status by spending time with the animal and being affectionate
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It is possible to have a baby on the Sims2 for PS2. This happens as one advances in the game, However to reach this stage, one must overcome all obstacles, find ...
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