How do you treat a bird's broken wing?


The process of healing broken wing will depend on the nature of the injury and the type of bird concerned. However, in most cases all you need to do is to immobilise the wing and let it heal naturally. In such a case you will need a vet tape which you will use to secure the wing against the body. One would have to keep on checking the bird. If the injury is too big to handle this then contact an avian vet immediately.
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1. Catch the bird and transport it inside. Domestic birds will be easy to catch, while livestock and wild birds may pose a challenge. Set out a box and herd the bird into the box.
Wrap the gauze tape around the bird, keeping the wing along the bird's body. It
1 Make the broken bone checked by a certified practitioner (a doctor). Don't try to go to the hospital by yourself , you will probably be immobilized by the broken bone. Call an ambulance
It is nearly impossible for a novice to properly repair a birds broken wing. Best to take the bird to a vet. Trying to do this yourself will cause the bird excessive pain and suffering
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How to Heal a Broken Wing
A bird with a broken wing cannot fly; and until its wing is healed, a wild bird is extremely vulnerable to predators and likely unable to procure its own food to survive. A broken wing will appear lopsided compared to the other wing and will hang at an... More »
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