How to Heal a Cut Lip?


To heal a cut lip quickly, use chap-stick or Vaseline on it. By lubricating it, you prevent splitting it open again.
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If you rinse your mouth and keep it clean, usually within about 3-5 days.
Something I used to use a lot when my lips would split while snowboarding would be to just take a big hunk of vaseline and cover the cut. Apply the vaseline frequently so that the
1. Melt 4 Tbsp. of beeswax on the top portion of a double boiler, stirring constantly. Heat the wax slowly and never heat wax in a microwave or regular pan, as it is potentially flammable
Neosporin usually works, depending on the cut type.Try lukewarm water and salt
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A swollen face and lip can be cause by a trauma, abrasion, concussion or a cut. The first step in treating a swollen face and lip is, get a clean piece of cloth, ...
You can heal a burned lip by using cold compresses. Keep it well moisturized with ointment or balm with vitamin E. ...
The best way to heal cold sore scabs on the lips is to keep them moist and leave them alone. Picking at the scab will only make it bleed and take longer to heal. ...
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