How to Heal a Damaged Cuticle?


Damaged cuticles can are very painful and lead to infections. Moisturizing damaged cuticles every day is a good way to heal them. You can also peel them off your skin.
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1. Remove any fingernail polish from your nails. Nail polish covers your skin and nail completely, cutting off the oxygen supply from your nails. 2. Apply olive oil to your fingertips
You can try soaking your hands in warm water and then using a hand cream 2x per day. Thanks for
It isn't hard to damage your cuticles. They're soft and more often than not, damage is a result of biting your nails. Whether it's a nervous habit or simply a bad one, it's never
Sally Hansen makes a tiny little jar of cuticle cream that I've found very helpful in healing mine up. (They're just dry and rip if you look at them hard. Most oils and lotions help
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How to Heal a Damaged Cuticle
Damaged cuticles may occur when your fingernail cuticles dry out, causing them to peel and crack. You may also damage your cuticles if you cut them too closely with nail scissors, especially if the scissors are not sterilized properly. Damaged cuticles... More »
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