How to Heal a Dogs Sprained Leg?


To heal a dogs sprained leg you should wrap it in a bandage and make sure the dog stays off the leg. This can be difficult because many dogs like to run around but a vet may be able to help. You can see if they can prescribe a mild sedative to keep the dog sleepy and allow it to recover.
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It can take anything from a week to a few months with the right amount of rest. This also depends on the severity of the sprain.
just because she isn't looking like she's in any pain, doesn't mean there's nothing wrong. dogs can have fractures, and broken bones, and limp. please take her to the vet, and have
...why don't you just call up your vet or call the emergency vet and ask?
The time for a sprained leg to heal depends on the severity, from G...
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To fix a dogs sprained leg is to take them to the vet and make sure that the leg is not broken. Then you have to make sure the dog is getting rest while getting ...
It is better to take the dog to a veterinarian if the injury is severe. Otherwise, apply cold packs every 30 minutes.Analgesics and anti-inflammatories can also ...
Severe trauma can cause a dog to brake his leg such as falling or jumping from a high place or getting hit from a car. Ways to tell if a dog has a broken leg is ...
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