How to Heal Rug Burn?


The best way to heal a rug burn is the same way as with other first degree burns. You should use water to keep it moist to avoid more friction. You can also use silver cream to heal the burn.
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1. Run cool water over the skin. Water should not be overly cold since this may actually damage the tissue. Run the water over the skin for at least 15 minutes. This will help reduce
Time and neosporin/aloe vera gel.
Rug burn remedies include: Apply cold water to the rug burn, keep the rug burn
A rug burn usually takes a couple of days to heal, depending on the severity. It may need to scab 1st.
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How to Heal a Rug Burn
A rug burn is a first-degree burn caused by friction when the top layer of skin comes into contact with a rough surface. It can cause a great deal of pain, redness and a swelling of tissues in the affected area. The pain is a result of air hitting the... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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