How do I heat frozen tamales?


Tamales originated as a portable food during wars in the ancient Americas thousands of years ago. To reheat frozen or refrigerated tamales, you can steam or microwave the tamales in their husks. Steam in the top of a covered steamer for 10 minutes, 20 - 25 if frozen. Microwave in a sealed plastic bag with 1/2 oz. of water for 2 minutes, 3 1/2 minutes if frozen.
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1. Fill the bottom of the stock pot with water to just below the steamer insert. 2. When you hear the coin rattling against the bottom of the pot, you must refill the steaming water
two minutes at 9,012 degrees.
We make tamales and pierogi's each year for Christmas and make extra to have for the year! They should be fine. Tamales are typically wrapped in husk and that adds a layer of protection
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How to Heat Frozen Tamales
Served during holidays, birthdays and special events, tamales play a role in many diverse cultures. The small edible gems have a doughy exterior and a delicious meaty sauce inside. The cylindrical tamales often come wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves... More »
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