How to Hide Alcohol on Your Breath?


Although if you've had enough to drink to want to hide it on your breath, people will know you've been drinking by your actions. Try fruit flavored gum, sweet tart candy or cinnamon Altoids. Mint doesn't hide very well.
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To hide alcohol on your breath get out a piece of gum and begin chewing it. After a night of drinking I would chew gum so my boss couldn't smell the alcohol.
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To get rid of alcohol breath you can try using a breath mint. You can keep brushing your teeth and your tongue. Or, drink some orange juice, sleep it off, and brush again in the morning
You can mask it a bit but you can't hide it. Use something with a strong aroma like coffee. If you drank a neutral spirit then mint Altoids could help. But its just going to take
1. Drink water while you're drinking beer and after drinking beer to dilute the alcohol in your bloodstream and to keep your body and mouth hydrated. Beer causes dry mouth, resulting
time, water, mints cigs, a chicks saliva. lol. good luck kid.
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To hide alcohol on your breath you could brush your teeth a few times and then use mouthwash. One remedy is after you brush your teeth, eat a few nuts such as ...
To hide alcohol breath you could brush your teeth and use some kind of mouthwash. You can also try using breath mints. Keep placing 4 or 5 mints in your mouth ...
The best way to hide the smell of alcohol from your breath is to wait until you are sober. If that is not an option, chew gum. Suckers and hard candy will help ...
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