How to Hide Anorexia from Your Parents?


You are not going to be able to hide this for any length of time, because anorexia is a destructive disease. You will become so ill that everyone around you will know that you are sick. The best thing to do is to seek help from your parents. If they don't believe you, go to a school counselor or a clergyman. Your life is important; please take this seriously! Someone wants to help you!
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Ways to hide anorexia from your parents are to eat or look like your eating when your parents eat. Don't let your parents see you without clothes if you're very thin. Anorexia is a serious disease and is life threatening. Remember your beautiful no matter what your shape or size is.
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Actually an anorexic cannot hide their anorexia. At some point people will catch on to their problem and they should seek help for this. There have people who have died from anorexia
You can't. Get help.
Sara, I'm going to go against what you said about not responding if my responses is about how bad anorexia is. Stated, you shouldn't hide your anorexia, as this is something serious
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