How to hook up 24 volt system?


The way that you would go about hooking up a 24 volt system, would all depend on what you are trying to hook it up to. This can be simple if you follow the directions.
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It is easier to hook up a 24 volt system from 2-12 volt batteries. Place the two batteries next to each other on a stable flat surface. Cut three strips of wire that is long enough to reach the appliance that you will use to power your batteries with. Strip off the plastic coating. Attach the opposite end of the short piece to the positive terminal of the second battery. Finally attach the last piece of the wires together and it is done!
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1. Divide the four 12-volt batteries into two sets. Stack all of them up if the terminals are in the top position or alternate one up and another down if some terminals are on the
Separate the 2 12 volt batteries and charge them individually.
assuming you have two 12 volt batteries you hook up positive from one battery to negative of the other. the power to the tractor will them be taken from the positive from one battery
Connect POSITIVE (RED) charger clip to POSITIVE post of battery. Next
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