How to Hook up a Boat Battery?


A boat battery is very similar to an automobile battery. They may be 6, 12 of 24 volt DC systems depending on the engine configuration. As with any battery, care must be taken when connecting terminals. It is good practice to connect the ground terminal last.
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1. Buy a marine battery, not an automobile battery. Manufacturers make marine batteries to withstand the pounding from waves, constant shifting and bigger drains than car batteries.
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Plug it in.
Learning how to hook up an alternator is not a difficult task, although there are a few safety hazards involved. The negative terminal on the battery must be disconnected before you
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How to Hook Up Boat Batteries
Boat owners can save themselves a lot of money if they do much of the yearly maintenance on their crafts themselves. One routine job is removing the boat's batteries for the winter and re-installing them in the spring. Hooking up a boat battery is not a... More »
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Removing a boat battery in the winter, then re-installing it in the Spring, is said to be a good method of maintenance for the craft. Hooking up the battery to a boat is not much different than hooking up a car battery, with little to moderate difficulty involved. you can locate online tutorials to show you how its done.
Connect the positive (usually red) lead from the boat to the pos terminal on the battery and connect the negative lead (usually black) from the boat to the negative post on the battery.
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