How to Hook up a Portable Dishwasher?


A person can hook up a portable dishwasher by attaching it to a known water supply. A drain will also be required. The most appropriate place to connect a portable dishwasher is in the kitchen.
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1. Push the portable dishwasher over to the kitchen sink with the loading door to the appliance facing outward. 2. Unscrew the cap on the end of the kitchen faucet by turning clockwise
There is a fitting available that you put on the end of the faucet. Take the screen off the end of the spout and this fitting screws on. It is like a quick connect for an air hose
Portable DW are usually hooked up to the sink faucets, and plugged
1. Determine if portable is better than permanent. You are a good candidate for a portable dishwasher if you are renting and unable to renovate the kitchen, or if you lack the space
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How to Hook Up a Portable Dishwasher
A portable dishwasher may be the ideal solution for compact kitchens where an installed appliance is impractical and the residents loathe dishpan hands. These wheeled units can roll out from a closet or pantry to connect to the sink faucet with a... More »
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To install a portable dishwasher you will first have to determine where you want the appliance. Many people clear off and area on the counter next to the sink. ...
A person can build-in a portable dishwasher by using the Kenmore portable dishwasher conversion kit. This kit can be purchased through retailers such as Sears. ...
A person can convert a portable dishwasher to an under-counter by drilling holes through the wall. The electrical cord should also be long enough. The drain line ...
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