How can I hook up Boston digital ba735 speakers?


Boston digital ba735 speakers are high performance loudspeakers. They connect to a laptop or a personal home computer. They produce an amazing sound. The computer has to have a digital sound card inside it though all new computers have this. They can also be hooked up to a DVD player as well for a wonderful movie watching experience. Step by step instructions on how to hook up these speakers will be included with the speakers. This adds lots of quality to movie watching and listening to music on the computer.
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1. Locate the headphone jack on the top of your iPod. 2. Insert one end of the stereo cable into the port on the iPod. 3. Find the "Aux" input on the side of the control
All computers will have a stereo output at the back, usually a green plug, next to, or in between a pink and blue plug, or just a pink one, depending on your mother board/sound card
The digital audio output on your TV wasn't meant to be hooked up to your computer speakers. It was meant to be hooked up to a receiver that can decode the digital stream that is coming
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To hookup Boston Digital ba735 speakers you need to have a Gateway computer. The plugs on the Boston speakers are made specifically for the Gateway computer soundcard. They will not work properly on another computer brand.
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