How to Hook up Golf Cart Batteries?


To hook up your golf cart battery, first clean the connections of each terminal with mineral water. Then, place the battery in its cradle position. Connect the positive red wire that comes into the battery compartment with the first positive post on the battery. Connect the ground wire from the battery to the positive post on the subsequent battery. From the last battery, connect the black cable to the final negative post.
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We hooked up the battery wrong , positive to negative and negative to positive and the motor still turned over but would noy start. Why did this happen ? This is a 1999 gas golf cart
Start with the positive wire (usually red) coming into the battery compartment from the charger. Attach it to the first battery's positive post. From the negative post of that same
Glen, depends on how many batteries are hooked up. Most battery packs have posts that are hooked positive to positive and negative to negative. The last connections are to the controller
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How to Hook Up a Golf Cart Battery
Golfers use motorized electric golf carts to drive from hole to hole on a golf course. In electric golf carts, batteries power the motor, and if the cart fails to start, the batteries might be causing the problem. Although some cart designs differ, golf... More »
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There are two basic types of golf carts to which batteries can be hooked up to. One is the electric golf cart in which the battery is connected to an electric motor by way of two wires. Another type is the gas powered cart which has a battery simply to power the starter motor. To know how to hook up the one you are working with, it is always best to refer to the owner's manual.
You can hook up your golf cart battery by connecting the positive cable to the positive post. Connect the negative cable to the negative post. Make sure the battery is secured.
Hooking up golf cart batteries is actually pretty simple to do. Take precautions as in using gloves and make sure the cables will not touch anything while hanging there. Connect the positive or red wire to the positive terminal on the first battery. Next connect the black or ground wire to the positive terminal on the second battery repeating this step on each battery. Finally take the black or ground wire coming into the battery compartment and hook it to the negative terminal of the final battery. This is all there is to it. You are essentially making one big battery wiring this way.
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