How to Hook up Trailer Brakes?


When you hook up a trailer to your vehicle there is usually a set of wires that are suppose to hook together. One is on the trailer and the other is on the vehicle.
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1. Use wheel chocks to ensure the trailer cannot move. Elevate the trailer tongue by rotating the jack handle clockwise until the trailer chassis is more or less level. 2. Inspect
You'll need to purchase a brake module. There are several types, and all come with complete installation instructions.
1. Locate the "C"shaped bracket from the Tekonsha kit in the Duramax cab where it will be within the driver's easy reach, no more than 30-degrees from horizontal and in
1. Determine the connector required. Four pin connectors provide for basic lighting function: Stop, left and right turn. A five pin connector covers all the basic functions plus allows
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How do I Hook Up Trailer Brakes?
The hookup of trailer brakes requires the installation of a round, seven-pin hitch to the tow vehicle's tow package. The hitch allows the operation of all legally required lights and backup lights, and provides a 12-volt hot wire to charge the trailer's... More »
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Check your owners manual to verify your vehicle is approved for towing, and where the wires are located. Connect the wires to a break control box, and follow directions on the box, on how to connect the wires. Wrap wires with electrical tape. Test the brake lights.
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