How to Hook up Trailer Brakes?


When you hook up a trailer to your vehicle there is usually a set of wires that are suppose to hook together. One is on the trailer and the other is on the vehicle.
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1. Consult the tow vehicle's operator's manual and locate the preinstalled, four-pin trailer harness; typically, the harness is attached to a chassis rail toward the rear on the driver's
1 Raise your trailer tongue ball socket or coupler to a height to clear the ball. Ad 2 Line up the center of your vehicle with the center of your trailer. Use a jack attached to the
You'll need to purchase a brake module. There are several types, and all come with complete installation instructions.
1. Park the tractor on a level surface. 2. Apply the emergency parking brakes if the trailer is still hooked up to a semi or check to make sure the emergency parking brakes are applied
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How do I Hook Up Trailer Brakes?
The hookup of trailer brakes requires the installation of a round, seven-pin hitch to the tow vehicle's tow package. The hitch allows the operation of all legally required lights and backup lights, and provides a 12-volt hot wire to charge the trailer's... More »
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Check your owners manual to verify your vehicle is approved for towing, and where the wires are located. Connect the wires to a break control box, and follow directions on the box, on how to connect the wires. Wrap wires with electrical tape. Test the brake lights.
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