How to Huff Gas?


To huff is to breathe in a solvent with an intention of getting emotionally exited. Some gasses are harmful, therefore inhaling them can be dangerous since you can get complications of the respiratory system.
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Don't huff gas!!!! ( K, forget that ↑ )
The words safe & huffing don't belong together. Huffing is unsafe,
You'll want to pour your gas into a plastic grocery sack fashioned into a feedbag, because it ties the fumes to your head, which will prevent the bag from falling off of your face
Not medical advice. Using inhalants can damage the liver, central nervous system and the brain.
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Huffing gas is a recreational activity that is highly dangerous, it is done by a plastic bag over your mouth, or a soaked rag. In some cases people have died from this and it can cause cardiac arrest.
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