Pill Identifier?


To identify a pill, you can speak to a pharmacist. You can also use an online pill identifier such as the one found at .
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Instructions. Go to a website such as RxList or WebMD. Websites of this nature will give you the tools that you need to positively identify the imprint on a pill along with descriptions
1 Look closely at the pill to see if it contains any writing or imprinting. Every pill has identifying characteristics that are slightly different from those of other medications.
These Internet resources may help identify pills sold in the United States. A pharmacist or health care provider may also help you.
Unknown pills should be handed in to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. Even if you can find out what is is, you can not know how old it is and most medicines are only good to
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Pill Identifier
Imprint: Color: Shape:
To identify the pill simply observe the size, shape, color and wording on it. Then, call your local pharmacists and describe what you see.
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