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To identify a pill, you can speak to a pharmacist. You can also use an online pill identifier such as the one found at .
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The best and most accurate way to identify a pill is to take it to your local pharmicist. Remember you should never take a pill if you do not know what it is. Another option is to
1. Analyze the pill in question. Note the color, shape (circular, hexagon, oval, etc. and any imprints you may find on the pill. 2. Look at images of Lortab pills on the Internet.
1. Find a pill identifier website or reference book. Online health and medicine sites offer pill identifier search engines that will allow you to identify oral steroids by their characteristics
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Pill Identifier
Imprint: Color: Shape:
To identify the pill simply observe the size, shape, color and wording on it. Then, call your local pharmacists and describe what you see.
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To identify a pill imprint code you should use a website with a pill identification database, where you use either the numbers or letters on its surface. Then ...
A pill identifier can help with the identification of pills. It is important to know what a pill is before taking it. There are different online resources that ...
The pill with an identifier of GG 225 has been identified as Promethazine hydrochloride 25 mg. It is used to treat nausea and vomiting. It is not Xanax. ...
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