How to Identify a Turtle?


To identify a turtle you will need to look closely at the turtle. Each different species of turtle will have different shell, head, and leg color, and also different patterns and shapes in the shell, and different proportions in the head and neck. You can find more information here:
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How to Identify a Turtle
Turtles are reptiles known for their slow pace and protective shell in which they live out their lives. Turtles make for good pets for people who do not prefer dogs or cats because of shedding or the more-involved care that mammals require. Turtles are... More »
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Turtles are most easily identified by looking at its physical appearance. Note the color and markings on the shell, the shape of the feet and head. Then, cross reference these with
1. Observe the basic body plan of a sea turtle. The body is flattened dorsoventrally with the legs being well adapted for paddling. 2. Identify individual species by the shape of
One way I learned to identify the gender of a turtle is my the length of its claws. Males have longer claws than females, however, you cannot really tell the difference in lengths
1) If it is a native, use one of the Peterson series field guides to ID it. If an exotic, try Pritchard's book Encyclopedia of Turtles. 2) If this is too much for you, post three
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You can identify turtles by there shells. A turtles has an outer shell that if you seen it, it's round and the head and arms of the turtles show. ...
There are many illnesses a turtle can get. Some symptoms to look for to determine if your turtle is sick are swollen eyelids, loss of appetite, mucus around the ...
The biggest common snapping turtle is the Chelydra serpentina mostly found in South-eastern Canada. You can identify common and alligator snapping turtles by checking ...
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