How to Identify a Violin?


A violin is a string musical instrument that is very high-pitched and it is at times referred to as a fiddle. It consists of a scroll, peg box, a fingerboard and a lower bout that has a chinrest. You can get images of a violin from the internet that will help you to easily identify one.
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How to Identify a Violin
Identifying a violin from other string instruments is not as straightforward as expected. The violin looks very different from the cello and bass, but is remarkable similar to the viola. The violin and viola, when shown individually may easily be... More »
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You can identify a violin by it small marking where your chin should fit if your playing one. Then the strings will be shinny and tuned to play.
If you are really serious about the instrument you get somebody who is an expert in identifying the instrument quality and performance. For more information look here: This Is How You Identify A Great Violin;
From my experience the best way to identify a violin is to look at the label, or carving label on the violin. You can use that information to look it up in a catalog. If it does not have a label then the best thing to do is compare it to pictures of other violins. Each violin maker has a specific way they make there violin. The three main areas to look at are the ribs, head stock, and bridge.
The best way to identify a violinist by the instruments overall structure and different components. A violin basically looks like a smaller version of the guitar but is a lot more delicate.
When you are identifying a violin, first look for four strings. It is a small hour-glass shaped instrument that has a neck and a bow. The bow has a string that is made up of horse hair and a wooden handle. The head of the violin also curls around into a small spiral.
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1. Hold the violin up so that you can look at the strings located over the fingerboard. Go to the G-String. This is the one on the far left side of the fingerboard. Notice that compared
I would love to know more about Jacob stainer's violins, unfortunatly there is a lot of information about him , but it's in German. I popped a URL to an article about Stainer below.
1. Look inside your violin, through the F-Hole on the left side. 2. If there is a small label there, try to read it. 3. Even if it says Antonius Stradivarius, don't get too excited.
He would have only been 13 at that time since he was born in 1656. His early works, those that he made in Abson, were fairly worthless, until he traveled to Italy to study with Amati
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Identifying a valuable violin can be somewhat difficult. The first thing to look at when attempting to identify a valuable violin is the varnish on the violin. ...
You can identify a Stainer violin by looking at the shape of the body. Usually, a Stainer violin will have a broad lower back. Jacob Stainer was one of the most ...
1. Look for quality of construction. A valuable bow should be made of Brazil wood and have a deep, rich color. The bow should also be lightweight, about 56 to ...
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