How do you identify a witch?


A witch is a female sorcerer, magician or a practitioner of witchcraft. There is bad and good witchcraft. Witches can be self-identified, In this case they will let you know what they are one and shre their beliefs. There are also witches who are secretive, they do not wish to be identified, and therefore, unless one witnesses an act of magic, it is difficult to identify the individual as a witch.
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1. Look at the color of the equipment. If it is orange with black lettering, it is a Ditch Witch. Earlier Ditch Witch trenchers were a "true" orange, but today the trenchers
they have a mark.
Unless you learn how to identify termites, you'll be unable to protect your home from serious (and expensive) damage. Although termites spend much of their lives hidden away in the
well define witch and im quoting a famous witch that "all witches are pagans, but not all pagans are witches" its a term used to describe yourself and your magickal workings
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Witches are identified when they start twitching their noses and brewing up big pots of magic potions. Samantha Stevens in Bewitched wouldn't stop twitching her nose.
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