How to Identify Antique Stoneware Markings?


There have been many stoneware manufactures. The best way to identify their markings is to research and compare. The following link contains the marks for old English pottery .
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1. Determine the exact wording of the maker's mark. A slightly incorrect transcription of a potter's name or city can mean a fruitless search. If you feel confident that you can read
You can notice an antique by getting appraised by an appraiser. You can ask yourself where it cam from, was it passed down from generation to generation. Did you find this antique
1. Check pieces of glass for the presence of period designs. The Victorian Era was the heyday of etched glass. Designs typically follow one of the many historic "revivals"
1. Look for handmade items. Some ceramics are hand-potted or hand-painted; an engraved or painted signature is an indicator of this. Keep an eye out for decorative objects fashioned
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How to Identify Antique Stoneware Markings
Stoneware is pottery fired to a high temperature (about 2300 degrees F). In about 1720, American potters began producing a form of stoneware developed in Europe centuries earlier---stoneware glazed with salt and decorated with cobalt blue. Salt-glazed... More »
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How to Identify an Antique Stoneware Crock can be done by noticing the marks on the crock. View the marks inside and outside of the crock to see if they are very ...
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