How to Identify Antique Stoneware Markings?


There have been many stoneware manufactures. The best way to identify their markings is to research and compare. The following link contains the marks for old English pottery .
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1. Determine the exact wording of the maker's mark. A slightly incorrect transcription of a potter's name or city can mean a fruitless search. If you feel confident that you can read
1. Look and feel for a mark around the back, edges and interior of the piece. Often you will find stamps or brands on the inner sealing edge of the case. 2. Identify the mark. Common
1. Look to the bottom and foot of your vase for clues on the age of your Asian art. After the deterioration of production quality in China, the bottoms of vases were not finished
1. Study the history of crocheting. Annie Louise Potter is a renowned American crochet expert and author of "A Living Mystery, the International Art and History of Crochet."
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How to Identify Antique Stoneware Markings
Stoneware is pottery fired to a high temperature (about 2300 degrees F). In about 1720, American potters began producing a form of stoneware developed in Europe centuries earlier---stoneware glazed with salt and decorated with cobalt blue. Salt-glazed... More »
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