How to Identify Fake Gucci?


To identify a fake Gucci you will need to look on the inside of the purse or around the outside of the shoe. Fake Gucci products will have a 'made in China' label rather then the Gucci label.
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How to Identify Fake Gucci
Gucci has reigned as one of the finest designers of haute couture for much of the 20th century. Copycat designers frequently mimic such desirable designs. While someone can copy the Gucci style easily, you can use surefire methods to assess if you are... More »
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If you want to know how to spot fake Gucci look for any misspelling. Another common issue would be cheap fabric and bad seem lines. Go over all the details before purchasing.
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You can spot a fake Gucci handbag by checking to make sure the label is sewn on the inside. Check for spelling errors and loose or ragged stitching. If it is very stiff it is probably
1. Look at the logo. It should be a pristine double "G. Authentic Gucci products make the double "G" easy to distinguish. Gucci's double "G" looks more like
my friend a fake watch, it was real light
1 Know where to buy the bag. Purchase from reputable stores. If you buy a Gucci bag from somewhere else than a Gucci store or store that is known to carry Gucci bags, it might be
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It identify fake Gucci purses is look in the inside of the purse and there should be an authentic tag and serial number. Most real Gucci purses have serial numbers ...
To identify a fake Gucci wallet, start by looking at the logo, which will be on the inside of the wallet. There will be two G's, facing one another while turned ...
1. Don't let yourself be fooled by a low price. Be sure to observe the price of your possible purchase, and be realistic. If the belt is marked at half the price ...
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