How can you identify metals?


When trying to identify some of the different metals, you will have to use one of several different testing methods - the file test, the chipping test, and the color test. You can find more information here:
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If you have various types of metal and want to sell them to a scrapyard or metal recycling facility, you will need to know how to identify each type of metal. There are several different
Answer One method is the flame test. See Related Questions link to the left of this answer for more about Flame Tests.
Meteorites that are falling through the atmosphere ignite into a fireball and are referred to in the sky as falling or shooting stars. Once they hit the Earth are blackened from their
There are many different types of brass. Red brass, also known as gunmetal, is a copper-zinc-tin alloy. Thanks for joining our photo tour.
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How to Identify a Metal
It can be very important to accurately identify types of metal when working with metal materials, and this is particularly important in maintenance welding. Proper identification of base metals helps minimize downtime and ensures maximum confidence of... More »
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To identify metals, scientists observe the surface, and do spark, chip, and magnet tests. If further analysis is needed, they will examine the substance at a molecular level.
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