How to Identify Rocks?


To identify rocks, you must first determine if your rock is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. Igneous rocks are tough, with a little texture or layering. They are mostly black, white and or gray and may look like lava. Sedimentary rocks are hardened sediment with layers of sandy stone. They are mostly brownish to gray in color and may have water or wind marks in them. Metamorphic rocks are tough rocks with layers of light and dark minerals. Once you have determined what kind of rock you have, check the rocks grain size and hardness. You can then look for rock charts that show what kind of rock you have.
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You will need to know the 3 most common rocks. Sedimentary, indigenous and metamorphic. Identify where each rock comes from, due to the rocks location, will show probable indication
1. Determine if it’s a mineral or a rock. Examples of minerals are quartz or galena. They usually have a distinctive structure (often fracturing in planes or distinctive shapes
1. Distinguish igneous rock from sedimentary rock by noting that igneous rocks lack fossils, shells and rounded grains. All igneous rocks have interlocking crystals. In some igneous
Rocks are identified by a number of things. Clues lie in its color, mineral composition, size and orientation of grains or crystals, hardness, stratification, layering, banding, density
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How to Identify Rocks
According to The Department of the Glendale Community College, rocks are naturally occurring combination of minerals, soil and fossil materials. Rocks are identified as igneous, sedimentary or metaphoric. According to the University of Wisconsin, you... More »
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There are many books that you can purchase on rocks. You can find these books at most book stores. You can also look on the internet to try and identify rocks.
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