How to Identify Silver?


There are two easy ways to determine if a shiny metal is silver. Both methods require a chemical reaction to occur on the surface of the substance and then a visual inspection for the presence of silver sulphide (a black stain on the metal). This first method requires that the tester apply a very small amount of French’s brand yellow mustard to the surface of the shiny metal. Ideally, the mustard drop should then be heated, either in the sun or with a cigarette lighter. When heated the volatile sulphur molecule will ALWAYS combine with pure silver to make the dark black stain known as silver. First take a match and press it against the metal surface to be tested. Keeping your fingers as far away as possible, light the first match with a second match. The sulphur is extremely hot as it combusts and it will certainly combine with pure silver when ignited in this fashion.
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1. Look at the date. Any U.S. silver dollars (or even half dollars and dimes) minted before 1964 are silver. From 1964 onward, they are often made of copper-nickel clad. Even the
1. Identify them through the mark. If the jewelry show the marks of “PT” or “PLAT”, they are platinum. On the contrary, the jewelry are marked with “
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This text is copied from the site listed below. There is more information on that site. Not sure this is what you are looking for though. FRENCH'S BRAND YELLOW MUSTARD TEST This first
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How to Identify Silver
Silver is a naturally occurring metal, exhibiting a white brilliancy and high electrical and the highest thermal conductivity. Silver is most often found in a gold alloy ore and is also extracted as a byproduct in the processing of copper, nickel and... More »
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