How do you identify valuable stamps?


You can identify valuable stamps, like German ones, by looking at certain features. Watermarks are features that help identify the source or age of of the stamp. Age is also a matter because older ones has more value. Rarity also determines value of a stamp.
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1. Identify the denomination (amount the stamp originally cost) and color, and check it against the stamp identification section in the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog. The Catalog has
Romanian stamps can be very valuable. Romanian stamps can be worth 8 to 400 dollars. The value of the Romain stamps depend on their quality and age.
Rick, Gold replicas of stamps were not issued by the post office, but rather by private companies seeking to profit from the hobby of stamp collecting. They are not catalogued and
it depends on the value of the material. Probably not much. If it's stamped with West Germany, all it tells you that it was probably made between 1974 and 1990, which might be vintage
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How to Identify Valuable Stamps
Stamp collecting can be a lifelong pursuit, and dedicated collectors spend years studying, cataloging and gathering stamps. There are a few tricks to keep in mind for spotting valuable stamps, even if you do not have a history with them. Knowing the age,... More »
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