How to Identify Wild Flowers?


The first thing you need to do when you want to identify a wild flower is get to know your local area using a guidebook and check the photos of the wild flowers that are common in your area. You can also ask a park ranger or post the photo to an online forum. Alternatively, you can search for the flower in an online database by describing its features.
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1. Buy a good guide and read the introductory chapters to learn how to use its "identification key" This key will take a little getting used to and some practise but keys
1. Analyze the texture of leaves of Tennessee wildflowers and plants. Hairy Angelica has smooth-textured green leaves while celadine poppies have little fuzzy hairs on the leaves
Isn't it great to walk around London parks or. Kew Gardens. at this time of year, but wouldn't it be great if there was a pocket-sized reference to identify British trees and wild
1. Look for a book with information specific to your region. Wild plants vary in different parts of the country. An all-purpose book about herbs may list plants that do not grow in
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How to Identify Wild Flowers
Often you see a certain flower growing in nature and would like to grow it yourself, but don't know its name. Learning to identify wild flowers will help you avoid this problem. Much like bird watching, going out into nature and trying to identify as... More »
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