How to Increase Intuition?


Intuition is the gut feel, the hunch, the foresight, and the kind of thought that guesses a possible event or turnout of events. To help increase your intuition, you should commit yourself to meditation, be perceptive and practice your intuition. Practice can be done by challenging your intuition and validating the intuitive responses.
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1. Practice daily meditation. Find a quiet spot in your house, lower the lights, loosen your clothing, get comfortable and breathe. Breath slowly and deeply from your diaphragm, rather
First let me rephrase the question in terms of frequency rather than wavelength, because it feels more natural to me. Since wavelength is essentially the reciprocal of frequency,
Meditation can help - like focussing on your breath. “Developing the capacity to love is the most important objective of the evolutionary process of the spirit or soul. It is
Dear Laury; To increase or use intuition wisely some spiritual practices, done on-going as much as possible, can be a good approach. Practices such as: meditation, prayer, yoga
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