How to Increase Precum?


Precum is also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid, preseminal fluid, or Cowper's fluid. Precum is the clear, colorless, and viscous fluid that emits from the urethra of a man's penis. The precum emits when the man is sexually aroused. How to increase the precum in a man will depend upon the man and his surroundings. There are some men that will not have any precum; it will all depend upon the man. In some unusual cases, a man may produce an excessive amount of precum that can be a cause of embarrassment and/or irritation.
Q&A Related to "How to Increase Precum?"
Some guys naturally produce more than others, but there is a way to produce more. You produce pre ejaculatory fluid when you become aroused, so the trick is to get yourself aroused,
increase your zinc intake. Also, send surges through yourself while you are in the woman, this will rush the stuff to the tip.
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