Air Rifles How to Increase Power?


You can increase the air rifle power by replacing its mainspring.
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1. Polish the air chamber often. Use an electric rotary tool to polish, starting with a gritty wheel. Attach a felt wheel for fine polishing. 2. Buy lighter pellets to increase the
Here is the link (Below) for Air arms. I suggest you ask them directly.
In the UK any air weapon producing more than 12ft/lbs muzzle energy requires a firearm certificate. Should you tamper with your rifle and be caught in procession of it the courts
Commercially manufactured rifles chambered in .30-06 are great
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How to Increase the Power on an Air Rifle
Several procedures exist to increase the power of an air rifle. Air rifles use compressed air or other gas to fire the projectile, contrasting with rifles classified as firearms, which burn gunpowder as a propellant. Spring-piston, CO2 and pneumatic are... More »
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You generate higher pressure in air cylinder and on springs to have increased power. If it exceeds 12ft/lb muzzle power, you need to get a license to operate it.
Most Air Rifles come with a handle that you pump up to increase their power. If your Rifle does not have a handle to pump it up, then you probably have no way to increase the power.
By using more pressured air, power of an air rifle can be increased. If the increased power is beyond 12ft/lb, you must have a license to operate it.
To pump an air rifle just use the pump action to pump it up. If it has no pump action attached there is not much you can do to increase the power.
Several procedures exist to boost the power of an air rifle. Use an electric rotary tool to polish, starting with a gritty wheel. Attach a felt wheel for fine polishing. Buy lighter pellets to raise the speed of the projectile. Use 400 grit wet-and-dry sandpaper wrapped around a lollipop stick to take out burrs in the slide action. Remove the high spots without taking off excess metal. Polish after sanding.
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