How do you inflate an exercise ball?


You just take an air pump and put it in the hole of the exercise ball and push on the outer parts of the ball until all air is gone. You can also just pop it.
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1. Remove the plastic plug from the exterior of the ball. If the ball is new it might not be inserted yet. 2. Lay the ball flat on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkled areas
you usually buy it already inflated. P.S. Hi Amanda and ISabelle
Exercise balls come in various sizes that are coordinated with specific colors. They are made out of durable rubber and they range in size from 45 cm up to 85 cm (17 to 33 inches)
1 Get a pump. They are easy to find and you can buy one at any sporting goods store. 2 Get an air pump needle, which is to be connected to the end of the pump. 3 You may want to wet
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How to Inflate an Exercise Ball
An exercise ball can be inflated by removing the pin and inserting a pump to inflate the ball until it reaches a desired level of firmness. Discover how more air equals more instability in an exercise ball with help from a Pilates instructor in this free... More »
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The best way to inflate an exercise ball is with a pump. This takes the manual work out of the equation and keeps you from ending up light headed!
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