How to Inflate Your Belly?


There are many ways to inflate your belly. Bloating, swelling, and menstrual symptoms can all result in inflation. Drinking sodas can cause your stomach to inflate, giving you gas as well!
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many people do it, usually for sexual pleasure.
Belly inflation is the act of inflating your own belly via water or air. This
Usually, belly inflation is done one of two different ways. The two ways are: Via Air. The person that wishes to inflate her belly first gets a device capable of pumping air. Such
Not medical advice. Water can cause your stomach to inflate, just drink lots of it. Text more.
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If you are trying to inflate your belly, you can do so by drinking lots of water. You may even be able to hear the water sloshing if you jump up and down after ...
because you're anorexic. ...
because you're anorexic. ...
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