How to Inhale Hairspray?


Some people will usually place the hairspray up close to their nose and then spray the air spray then take a deep breath to breathe in the hairspray.
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I suppose if you really want to inhale hairspray, you could spray it into a bag and then breathe in the contents of the bag. But, that's really dangerous and could land you in the hospital or the graveyard. Why would you want to do that?
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Any foreign substance can be dangerous when inhaled in large amounts. Our body have defence mechanisms to help protect the lungs against that kind of debris. The little hair in our
# Blurred vision # Breathing difficulty # Burning pain in the throat # Burns
the how is not so important as the why, it is called "huffing" and they do it to get high. The problem is that they get high because they are depriving their brain of oxygen
THATS BAD! i have really sensitive sense of smell and lungs, and a mild case of asthma.......but one whiff of it...i almost much chemicals and crap in almost all products
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To huff hairspray, you could spray it up your nose or spray some in a bag and inhale it. However, huffing such a substance is highly not recommended. It is a dangerous ...
Huffing hairspray is dangerous. People have been known to die from it. There are various chemicals that hairspray contains that we were not meant to inhale without ...
Inhalants can cost as low as $1.00 because some people have even used regular house glue, hairspray, nail polish remover, or paint as inhalants. ...
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