How to Inject Morphine Pills?


Morphine pills are solid. You can not inject the actual pill into someones body. Morphine does come in liquid form and can be given via IV or via an injection. Only a health care professional should inject a person with morphine.
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1 Check the manufacturer name on the bottle or, if listed, on the pill. While these are not the only morphine manufacturers, the most common brands come from Roxane Laboratories,
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It is not a good idea to inject Morphine Sulfate, as pills are intended to be swallowed. If you do need to inject for some reason, you will want to wash the color ...
Morphine is an opiate drug that is often prescribed for relief of severe pain. It is often dispensed in capsules, tablet form or via liquid IV or injection. Morphine ...
It is illegal to inject any type of morphine yourself, without a valid prescription. If you have questions on injecting morphine with a valid prescription, your ...
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