How to Insert Tampon Video?


Do you really want to watch someone insert a tampon? If so there are several videos that illustrate how it is done.After viewing some I have chosen 2 good sites that will demonstrate as well as explain many facts concerning tampon use. For more information look here: How to Insert Tampons; How to Insert A Tampon
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1. Buy tampons that are appropriate to your menstrual flow: light, average or heavy. 2. Wash your hands with soap and hot water. 3. Remove the tampon from the wrapper. 4. Slide the
1 Don't be scared . 2 Sit on the toilet or squat with your knees apart . 3 If you can't do it, try again . 4 Don't put a used tampon in the toilet . 5 Throw away a used tampon in
First you need tp wash your hands. 2 find a comfortable position. some girls squat sit on the edge of a tub or put youur foot on the toilet. But you need to have yoyur legs widee
I say you take it from the experts. If you
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