How to Insert Tampon Video?


Do you really want to watch someone insert a tampon? If so there are several videos that illustrate how it is done.After viewing some I have chosen 2 good sites that will demonstrate as well as explain many facts concerning tampon use. For more information look here: How to Insert Tampons; How to Insert A Tampon
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First, unwrap the package to the tampon. Make sure that you do not pull it apart when taking it out of the wrapper. Hold the tampon around the base of the applicator where the ridges
1 Don't be scared . 2 Sit on the toilet or squat with your knees apart . 3 If you can't do it, try again . 4 Don't put a used tampon in the toilet . 5 Throw away a used tampon in
This may freak you out but just to let you know the tampon has to go into your vagina. This is the way I was taught. When you are in the bathroom, use your fingers and insert them
Slowly put it in as far as you can without letting go with your middle finger and thumb.
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