How to Install 2 Car Amplifiers?


Before you begin to install your amplifiers make sure you fully understand everything you will be doing. You will need a source of power coming from your battery. Remember to have no electric running while you are installing your equipment.
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Most car amplifiers would be done properly with a professional. There is nothing more dangerous than hanging wires from under the dash. But, for the DIY'ers, there are online resources
Preparation Choose where to put your new amp. If you are installing subwoofers it's usually best to put the amplifier in the trunk next to or attached to your subwoofer enclosure.
1. Raise the hood on your vehicle and look to see which side your battery is located on. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. 2. Look along the firewall and see if there is a
Depending on the watts the amp is will determin the size of the wire you will be using. You have 3 basic cables the power wire, remote wire (16 or 18 gage) and the rca's. First you
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A car amplifier amplifies the sound of a car radio. The power from the amplifier boosts the sound and quality of the music being played. A car amplifier is recommended ...
In order to install two amplifiers in your car you will need to also install two subwoofers in your car. Then you just follow installation instructions like you ...
To install a car amplifier is a tricky thing to do. You will have to remove many panels in order to run the wiring from the radio to the amplifier in the back ...
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