How do you install a 30-amp breaker?


To install a thirty amp breaker switch you would simply remove the one you are replacing or use a new pole for the new switch. Install the wire first and ensure the switch is off. Pop into place or screw down, it's installed.
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1. Cut a hole in the wall where you will locate your 30-amp plug by first tracing around the template provided with the single gang "old work" box. Use a keyhole saw to
I dont recall turning down a request on information to install a push in , pull out breaker. Most people are polite and regard any answer as a helping hand. This is not my website
my suggestion to you is that you check the wire that you plan to feed the 30amps breaker to supply the A/C unit . that wire should be a 10 gauge wire = and is the A/C unit a 220 volts
Breakers will only handle the amperage they were made for. The ones you have in your example are rated at 30 Amps and will trip at 30 Amps. One can not add 2 breakers together to
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